Pinch me


I really need to blog more. Because when I don't, so much happens in between blogs that I become overwhelmed on what to write. 

Ollie and I have been in Texas for nine days! It really seems like it has been so much longer than that. He has been adjusting WAY better that I thought he would. I see constant improvement in his behavior that I am extremely happy about. I am constantly putting myself out of my comfort zone, trying to grow as a mother and care taker. We went to a buffet restaurant. I mean, we have been to buffets before. But I have never taken Ollie alone. Whew. Now that was an experience. I'm not sure if we will do that again or if I recommend it. Nonetheless, it was a learning opportunity.

My car also broke down while I was at the YMCA Friday. I went inside to get an application, and the car would not start once I came back out. It was a real bummer. But I tried to make the best of the situation. Thankfully, everybody was super friendly and helpful. An employee found a couple of guys who had starter cables, and they tried to jump my car. No luck. They were nice enough to give me the number of a towing company and give Ollie and I a ride home.

I'm not going to lie, it was a super scary situation and...awkward! I didn't really know what to say or do. But I was grateful that people helped me out. I got the car towed to an auto body shop for only $25. I spent the entire weekend without a vehicle, which was horrific without an groceries. I thought I was going to die without a soda! But we made it through. Ollie and I walked to a nearby restaurant (and by "nearby", I mean over a half mile away). It was totally worth the sun burn that I got from walking, because I had the best steak EVER.

All and all, I've really just been trying to push my boundaries and focus on this experience. It has been hard, and I have wanted to give up. Especially with all the difficulties surrounding my car and getting sick this morning. But I love my apartment, I love Ollie, and I'm still really excited about this opportunity that we have. I wish school had started already, though. Because I am just dying to be learning or doing something.

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