Proud Mary


So, my son often has incredibly embarrassing behavior. I am not afraid to admit that he is a handful. He exhausts me with all of his trouble-making and hyperactivity. I mean, seriously! How can such a little person have SO much energy.

I know a lot of parents tend to brag when their kids have what is deemed "good behavior". You know, talking about how their kids sit there quietly only speaking when spoken to and being perfect angels. I used to think that was the type of kid I wanted, because let's face it: angel kids are less stressful.

My son doesn't listen to everything I say. He talks back, yells at me, and occasionally throws himself on the ground in a toddler tantrum when I won't buy him candy at the store. But I honestly could not be more proud of his personality all together. He isn't perfect, but I would not change him for the world.

I guess it is kind of self-absorbed of me. Because in all reality, Oliver just exhibits my personality. He is a huge goofball who is overly affectionate. Every time I look at him, I see so much of myself. And honestly, that makes me more proud than having a son with perfect behavior.

Today, my son sang and dance to Proud Mary by Tina Turner. I'm not saying he knew all the words or all of the dance. But, for a two year old, I was impressed. As I watched him yell "Rollllllllin', rollllllllllinnnnnn'" and awkwardly move his arms, I was proud.

One Response to “Proud Mary”

  1. Emily,
    I think you are being an amazing mom!!! You remind me sometimes of me & Austin. Austin is SO much like me it's crazy; and that's what I wanted. Didn't want him like his dad at all. It's those fun crazy things you do with Ollie that he will always remember!! That is what makes an impact on him. Always continue to be involved in his life, take him places, show him new adventures and he will turn out to the best young man any mom could ask for. Oh, and that's what's wrong with some kids today, the parents don't make the important time they should to spend with their child. Keep up the great job you are doing!!!! I'm very PROUD of you!!!