Subliminal Messages.

People have frequently asked me where I got Oliver's name from. And honestly, I have never known what to tell them. I always thought that is just kind of...happened. 

The moment I found out I was having a boy, I had called him Noah Alexander. Literally until about a month before my due date. That is when I some what had a freak out about the permanency of it all, so I wanted to have the option to change my mind. So I explained that I hadn't chose the exact name and was exploring other options. Such as:
  • Theodore (Theo)
  • Charles 
  • Emerson
  • Quinn
  • Gabe
So the day came when I was to be induced. Before heading to the hospital, my family and I gathered around for dinner and a movie. We watched the film If Only.., one that I had recently become obsessed with. It is such a cute love movie, and I still absolutely adore it! But anyways, about 24 hours later, I met my son for the very first time. It was such an overwhelming experience, and I had no idea what to name him. Everybody was being pushy about the decision and most of my family really thought he looked like a Charlie.

Maybe I'm stubborn and wanted to come up with my own name, who knows. But I looked at my son, and I didn't see a Charles or Charlie. I didn't see a Noah. He remained nameless for almost three whole days. It seems unreal to me now that I wanted that long to name my son! But wait I did. 

Then out of the blue, I told everybody that his name was Oliver. Oliver Maxwell. They all hated it, of course, and protested me about it. But my son was an Oliver. Ollie. Slowly everybody begin to grown fond of the name, and I fully stand by my decision.

Fast-foward three years into the future, and I still just thought that Oliver was a name that came from thin air. I didn't even remember considering that name while I was pregnant. Or even in the hospital. It just...came to me. That is, until I was watching two of my favorite love movies of all time, that I was overly obsessed with during my pregnancy. 

The first, If Only.., I watched before going to the hospital and has a character named Oliver! Granted, he isn't a main character. He is just the favorite British student of the main character and absolutely adorable! The second movie, A Lot Like Love, has Ashten Kutcher in it whose character is named Oliver! He falls in love with a girl named....Emily! Oliver and Emily. What are the chances?!

So apparently I subliminally named my son after these movies! And it literally took me three years to figure this out.

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