My son goes to "college".


My four year old has recently started referring to his daycare as “college”. When he gets up in the morning and I ask if he is ready for school, he looks at me and says, “I want to go to college”. I laugh and get him ready for yet another day, but I cannot help feeling insanely proud.

They say that kids mimic the roles they see presented in the home: girls pretending to be mothers, wives, homemakers, or nurses; boys pretending to be fathers, husbands, farmers, or executives. But how many four year olds do you know who pretend to be in college? I found this entirely fascinating, because it is something that I have never thought about.

For my son’s entire life, I have been in college. He has grown up with a mother struggling for balance, but at the same time, he has had experiences some children lack. As a college mother, I couldn’t even count the number of times I have taken my son on campus. He has played games on computers in the library as I hurried to meet a deadline on a paper. He has sat beside me as I met with my academic advisor and planned my classes. He has gone with me to get textbooks, fill out forms, and pick up my ID, on and on and on.  Every step of my journey in college, my son has been right beside me.

Knowing that he is finally starting to understand all this really makes me excited. It has been a real struggle for me to make it to my senior year of college. I have made sacrifices and worked so incredibly hard to get where I am today. Even though I have had to give up time with my child, I believe that he realizes how important college is for the both of us. Hearing him talk about going to college, doing homework, and taking tests makes me realize that I made the right decision to continue my education.

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