I am living proof.


As a high school student, I was highly involved. If there was a club or organization, I was there. I was on newspaper and yearbook, participated in a musical, created a genocide awareness chapter of STAND, and so much more. That was a large part of what had defined me in my young adulthood.

So when I found myself a young mom at eighteen and starting my college career, I really wanted to be the same way in my next chapter. My first week at community college, I was overly excited for the new student bbq where all the clubs and activities would have booths set up.

But was I disappointed. It was nothing like they show in television or movies. There weren’t posters or friendly faces. In fact, there were probably less organizations and opportunities there than I had in high school. I walked away with one lousy pamphlet and a free pencil.

For the next 2.5 years that I spent at community college, I never felt like I belonged. After being so connected to different activities for most of my life, I felt really lost. Of course I had responsibilities as a mother, but I definitely believed I would be able to tend to all of my obligations. I just could never really find my way into an organization or activity.

Last spring, I transferred to a four-year school and decided that I was going to rediscover my love for being involved in school...beyond just going to classes. I decided to join a sorority! This was really not something that I ever saw myself doing, but I felt it would be an amazing opportunity to meet great girls and get involved on campus. The wonderful ladies of Kappa Alpha Theta welcomed me into the organization with open arms and the rest is history! I had such an amazing semester, probably the greatest one yet. As a new member, I tried to participate in everything that I could. I went to movie nights with my sisters, participated in Greek Week’s Lip Sync competition, and volunteered at the zoo. Yet, I still wanted to be more involved. So when asked to serve as Chief Financial Officer (the fancy term for treasurer), I jumped at the opportunity. 

Not everybody enjoys being involved in school. But this is something that was a huge part of who I was before I had a baby. I think too often we let ourselves get so lost in the “mom” roles that we lose the “me” role. It is important to continue to do what you love, no matter the circumstances. Being in college and having a baby isn’t the easiest thing to do, but it is possible. And if you have the drive and dedication, you can do whatever you want! I am living proof of this.

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