Why I hate Teen Mom.


Yesterday, my friend texted that my favorite "teen mom" was in town (using heavy sarcasm). Farrah was at the local Hy-Vee promoting her new sauce. Of course, this led me to thinking about why I hate Teen Mom. I used to really be a fan of the MTV documentary series. The entire concept behind them is something that I support very much. As somebody who was pregnant in high school and a teen mom, I thought these shows would bring a better understanding to young moms.

In my opinion, these shows have greatly failed to do this. There is minimal footage of actual mothering on Teen Mom. In fact, I remember the most touching and meaningful interaction shown was between Catelynn, Tyler, and their daughter, Carly, whom they gave up for adoption. The entire show seems so shallow and stupid most of the time. Yes, they do have moments when I don't want to strangle somebody. But a majority of the show fails to really be as hard-hitting and insightful as it could be.

Teen Mom also stopped being true to its name when it started paying these mom's ample amount of money to participate. Financial issues and poverty are at the core of teenage pregnancy. So for them to be making $60,000+ a year absolutely defeats the entire purpose of the show. It completely alters what it means to be a teem mom and is unrealistic.

Farrah is definitely my least favorite of the mom's. Even on 16 & Pregnant, I really could not believe that this girl was on television representing teenage mothers. I remember she was talking to the doctor about breastfeeding in an episode and said that she did not want to breastfeed because it would make her boobs "sag". Like...seriously? She always seemed so self-absorb and completely unaware as a parent. Of course, once she started getting a huge paycheck from MTV, she said goodbye to those mom boobs and we got to see her boob job via our television on Teen Mom. (And she was not the only one who has gotten new breasts--Maci has as well.)

All and all, I cannot even stand to watch the show anymore. I always hear about it, and sometimes I really wish that I could stomach watching an episode or two because there are moments of truth that manage to get captured. But it is not worth watching all the stupidity. I feel that these girls are not an accurate or positive portrayal of what it means to be a teen mom.

Thank goodness this is the last season!

2 Responses to “Why I hate Teen Mom.”

  1. I saw one episode and thought it was the most ridiculous show ever. I think it was one, I can't remember the girls name, where her and her mom were arguing and this girl literally cursed her mom out even though her mom is the sole caregiver of her child.

    Even after I stopped watching the show, I remember being in the store and seeing one of the cast members featured on the cover of a magazine because she was abusive.

    The show has become completely negative and disgraceful. I didn't know it was the last season but I'm glad it is as well!

  2. I don't watch it at all. It has never called my attention. I hate the term 'teen mom' because it just has such a negative connotation, so I stayed far away from that show. It's sad to know that people like THAT are what society views as the NORM, despite some of us hard working, loving, caring and attentive young mothers.