The Welfare Bomb.


I am about to touch on a sensitive topic, and I hope to do so in a manner that is respectable to all. You see, around election time is when opinions start coming out of people’s mouths like word vomit. There is obviously a specific topic that I have in mind: welfare.

“Oh, no she did NOT drop the welfare bomb!?”

Yes, I did. But I am not here to start a political debate. We all have our opinions regarding the issue, and we all believe that our opinion is the right one. I am simply here to remind everybody that people have feelings.

I absolutely hate when somebody talks about welfare recipients as “low-life’s” or “lazy bums living off the government”. As a young mother, I have received government assistance while making my way through college. I am typically not ashamed of this; I am proud, and I am so very grateful. Every day I am thankful and work hard to get my degree to make a better life for myself and my son.

Then election time rolls around, and I get to read on Facebook, Twitter, Google, newspapers, and basically anywhere I look about what a loser I am. Recently, even a presidential candidate made note of my significance (none). And no matter how much resiliency I have, it truly hurts my feelings to know that this is what people think of me. People I have never even met make me feel hated.

Of course, individuals chime in with the typical response: “We were talking about the people who misuse welfare.” There is a huge difference between “use” and “misuse”, and while I do not believe in the misuse of government assistance, I always get grouped with the individuals that do. There is a stereotype that has been created about people on welfare, and people make generalized statements degrading welfare recipients.  

There are people who are dependent on the system, nobody can deny that. But when we stereotype and generalize people, we are selling ourselves short. I do not walk around saying that all white people are snobby, millionaires. While this is true about some individuals, it absolutely does not apply to all. It makes me sound incredibly ignorant and misinformed.

So remember that as Election Day approaches. Please use your words wisely, and remember that the system does do good things. Remember that there are good people out there on welfare, and we should not blame them for the wrong-doings of those who misuse it.

2 Responses to “The Welfare Bomb.”

  1. I feel you on this Emily. I used WIC and Medicaid when I was pregnant with my daughter during college, and it was an awful experience. People always assume young, pregnant mothers are there to use and abuse the system for all the free peanut butter they can get. So ridiculous.

  2. WIC and Medicaid are such great resources for mothers of all ages! It makes me sad that so many people have a hatred for these programs that help people. If implemented correctly, they should be preventing teen mothers from being reliant on welfare for the rest of their lives. I could just rant about it for days and days!