The Teddy Bear Crisis of 2012


Last night shall be forever remembered as The Teddy Bear Crisis of 2012.

On Friday, I let Oliver skip preschool and we spent the doing his favorite things. My plate has been a little too full lately, and I really felt like I wasn't getting enough quality time with him. So we went to lunch, the pet store, and the toy store. At the toy store, I picked him out this adorable little teddy bear whom we named "Sam". Oliver instantly fell in love with him and proceeded to take him every where.

Well, it just so happens that this was his dad's weekend. I made sure to send Sam with him, and honestly had forgotten about it all once I picked him up Sunday night. Half way home, I hear Oliver bawling unintelligible nothings in the back seat. I am literally thinking that he is hurt or dying or...something! So I ask him what is wrong, and I finally get a response I can somewhat understand, "I miss my teddy! Teddddddy!"

It was terrible. He was so distraught about his teddy. I called and his dad, and sure enough teddy was left in the back seat of his car. The next thirty minutes of our drive home, Ollie continues to cry for his teddy. My heart broke over and over again by how upset he was. I contemplated turning around to get his teddy, because his sadness was really unbearable. But his dad lives a good three hours away, which would mean a six hour drive...and it was already 8:30pm.

So I finally calm him down with the promise of a replacement teddy, not thinking that it was Sunday and nearing 9pm and all the stores would be closed. So we went to the original toy store and Target, both of which were closed. Finally, we ran into Wal-Mart (thank goodness for 24 hour Wal-Marts) and bought a $5 replacement teddy. With red eyes and a snotty nose, Oliver smiled so big and I was so relieved.

I definitely was not sure we would make it through last night. This was an instance where I was honestly questioning what should I do as a parent. I was wondering if I should really be going so out of my way to get a teddy bear. Is this the right thing to do? I'm still not sure if this is considered the "right" thing to do, but I would do just about anything to make my son smile.

But nonetheless, the world survived The Teddy Bear Crisis of 2012. Let's hope that never happens again!

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