25 before 25


It is the first day of 2013, which means everybody is making their New Year's Resolutions. This year, rather than setting myself up for disappointment, I decided to make a list of things I want to do by the time I turn 25. It made me really excited for the years to come and working on completing the list. I am completely aware that I may or may not actually accomplish everything on my list. But I figure, what the heck?! I might as well try. Coming up with this list was honestly so fun and most of these I feel are attainable. So bring it on. I have approximately 2.5 years to do the following things:

  1. Visit the White House
  3. Coach my son in a sport
  4. Write (and actually finish) a book
  5. Take Ollie on a Disney cruise
  6. Lose 100lbs (or more!)
  7. Be active in the school PTA/PTO (President Emily?)
  8. Grow my own garden
  9. Own a mini-van
  10. Take another Texas vacation
  11. Fall in love
  12. Start a college fund for Oliver and contribute to it monthly
  13. Run a 5k (and I mean run)
  14. Sew an entire quilt on my own
  15. Step on foreign soil
  16. Take Oliver to the beach
  17. Visit New York City
  18. Get a good paying, adult job
  19. Buy my own house
  20. Go swimming with dolphins
  21. Sing karaoke in front of a large crowd
  22. Have a murder mystery dinner
  24. Eat real Italian pizza
  25. Get into graduate school

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