My Dating Life in Bridesmaids GIFs

When I see a guy that I like

Trying to impress the cute guy on campus

Finding out my douchebag ex-boyfriend is married

When a guy suggests we split the bill

Trying to impress a guy in the bedroom

The total essence of my dating life

How I feel post breakup or horrible dating experience

What I actually do post break up or horrible dating experience

How I convince myself a guy is into me

When I'm driving past a cute guy

Does this even need a caption? #jizzface

When I go to eat alone and they ask if I'm waiting for somebody

After being single for two years

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  1. hahahah I LOVE THIS! Being single to two years+ I TOTALLY relate!

  2. I love this post! You completely get me. Hahah

    Love the new site look too!