So, God Made a Mother

And on the 8th day, God looked at his glorious creation and said, "I need a caretaker". So, God made a mother.

God said, I need somebody to rise before the sun to pack lunches, finish laundry, and get three unwilling kids off to school. Somebody who puts their children above everything else without hesitation. So, God made a mother.

I need somebody with a strong hand when little Jimmy gets out of line yet a gentle heart when he falls down. Somebody whose kiss heals any cut, scrap, or broken heart one will encounter. Somebody who can bake four dozen cookies before breakfast, doesn't get sick days, and who loves unconditionally...So, God made a mother.

God said, I need somebody that can shape young souls into beautiful people, remember each important date, maintain the home, and...when things happen, who does it on her own all day, every day, yet does not ask for a single thing in return. So, God made a mother.

God had to have somebody willing to go through nine months of pregnancy, followed by twenty hours of labor, to become a full-time worker without pay, without benefits, whose job duties include boogers, vomit, and poop on a daily basis. It had to be somebody who knew patience and understanding, but put their foot down when it really counted. So, God made a mother.

God said, I need somebody strong enough to handle full-on tantrums in the middle of the feminine product aisle of Target, yet gentle enough to soothe a fussy newborn to sleep, who remembers to bring juice boxes on game days even when she forgot to brush her hair. It had to be somebody who knew right from wrong and stood up for what is right. Somebody to feed, lead, mend, tend and wash and play and shop and cook and teach and inspire our future generations.

Somebody who holds the family together and who does everything with a smile on her face, even when it seems impossible. Who is satisfied with a sloppy, wet kiss and an "I love you" from the little ones she brought into the world. So, God made a mother.

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