First Day of Kindergarten


I have been both dreading and looking forward to this day for the past five years. The day that I send off my baby boy to Kindergarten. As it inched closer and closer, I realized just how difficult it was going to be. It is hard to explain how it feels to drop your child off at school for the first time. Even for me, a mother who sent her son to preschool and daycare most of his life, it was hard.

You bring these tiny babies into the world, and at first, they literally need you for everything. You give them life; you love them and discipline them and laugh with them and teach them. Then the day comes and you look at the little person in front of you and realize that they aren't your baby anymore. You realize that they are independent of you, and you just yearn for that feeling of being connected to them again. For being the only person in the world that they needed.

But you also start to see your little one as a person. As an individual. You see their warm, caring hearts and bright personalities just waiting to burst out of them. They are ready to show the world who they are and make friends and make mistakes and be who you taught them to be. You start to see the little boy that will one day grow into a man. Who will tell jokes and be a gentleman and make you proud to be his mother.

I still find myself unnerved, wondering how he is doing. Is he crying for me? Is he making new friends? Are the kids being mean to him? Will he ask for help if he needs it? Is he going to eat all his lunch? And honestly, that is the scariest part about the first day: the unknown. You send your kids to school not knowing how they are going to be and as a mother, it almost feels like you are throwing them in the lion's den. So I am just counting down the hours until 3:20 pm when I can pick him up and be reassured that I didn't just make the worst decision of my life.

Back to School Night Photos 8.13.13

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