I Am Grateful


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If Life Was a Competition, I Would be Winning

I Got Lucky Way Before Daft Punk

How To Avoid Writing An Actual Blog Post by Doing Link-Ups


I know that I have basically fallen off the face of the Earth for the past several months. I swear, I remain alive and kicking and have not decided to stop blogging. You will see, however, that the blog is now titled Your Mom rather than Your Mom Goes to College, along with a physical web address change to match. This was a very hard decision to make, but in order for this blog to continue to grow with me and my family, the "goes to college" part just had to be dropped (I GRADUATED COLLEGE, GUYS!). It broke my heart, too.

The overall vibe of Your Mom will be a little different. I am trying to figure out how to incorporate the blog into my life and make it something worth reading. As I continue to change and grow, I hope that this site will reflect who I am and my life in the best possible way. 

Even though my "drafts" folder is slowly increasing in size and threatening to surpass my number of published posts, I am going to be doing the Grateful Link-Up with Sarah from A Girl Smitten. I am hoping this will help me get my blogging groove back and end my long-term relationship with writer's block!

I Am Grateful For...


This is kind of a given. Without a doubt, Ollie is the biggest blessing in my life. I know that I have a biased opinion, but he is such a wonderful little stinker! He makes my heart melt every single day with his dirty face, booty shaking, and a smile that probably could cure cancer. I am grateful that he wants to eat corndogs for breakfast, that he would rather take hip-hop dancing classes than play soccer, and that he has an unhealthy addiction to Minecraft

Living in the country

Living in the middle of nowhere definitely has it's pros and cons, but I am continuously grateful for our new home (which is a small, older farmhouse down a dirt road). I can send Oliver outside to play without worrying about cars and shady people. We only have one neighbor, which happens to be a couple whom I went to high school with and their children. So we constantly get to experience silence. And it is beautiful.

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