Songs to Listen to When You're Diagnosed with Cancer

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Words cannot begin to describe my relationship with music. Throughout the years, it has played a key role in the person who I have become. It has shaped me, transformed me. In my moments of weakness, it has given me strength. I could not live in a world without music.

I have been wanting to bring more music related posts to Your Mom since it is such an important part of who I am. Mostly, I enjoy putting together a collection of songs with a main theme. A playlist, perhaps one might call it. I have created and posted them before on the blog.

However, this playlist has a much deeper meaning to me. It gives a glimpse of the emotions and feelings that I have had in the months since my cancer diagnosis. It is me. Raw. Told in notes and lyrics written by strangers.

But that is what I love about music.

Don't Let Them See You Cry

Manchester Orchestra


Imagine Dragons


Mumford & Sons

Sleeping Sickness

City and Color

Comes and Goes (In Waves)

Greg Laswell

Jesus Christ

Brand New

Everything'll Be Alright

Joshua Radin

Life is Beautiful

The Icarus Account

Remember to Breathe

Dashboard Confessional

Shoot Out the Lights

Ron Pope



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